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Exhaust Cutouts and Custom Tips!!!

I posted some of this in my build thread but never built a thread just for the exhaust. Below are some pictures of the installation.

The cutouts are Race Ready. The actual cutouts seem to be really strong. The other pieces that came with the kit, not so much. We had to re-fabricate most of what was needed to set it up. I did the wiring install myself. There were some tricks to get it to work right. But its flawless!!!


Here is a sound clip from the day of the installation

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The switch.

Here is a video of the switch in action.

And last but not least, here is a video of the car on a dyno, opened and closed. Not much HP difference, but at least Im not losing HP.

And a driving video open and closed. I didnt go up past 5k in this one...


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