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Originally Posted by MI6 View Post
BMW is not stupid...
Well, either BMW is stupid, or their customers are. There is no freaking way that a $56K car could lease for $1100/mo on a 36/12/2500 scenario...and it would actually sell. Why would you, when you could finance out over 60mo and sell in 3 years. Its just makes no financial sense. Unless, of course, you're willing to pay for the ease of just dropping your car off at the dealer after 36 and handing them the keys (and then writing a check for door dings and worn tires). Assuming your claim is real about a Z4 M going for 1100 a month - the money factors must have been just stupid. Hence, BMWFS is....

In 36 mo, your principle balance would be roughly 44% of your original balance (or 25,000 assum. 6.75%). Where as, according to an estimated 59% after 36 months, would be $33,000. Which in all reality, true market value will probably be around 65+%.

What's nice is, financial institutions aren't discriminatory about brand/make when determining loan terms...only lease terms. Screw it, I'm buying outright.