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Originally Posted by srt8/bmw View Post
I guess I will say it another way. If I were shopping for a world class sports coupe, I would find it rather hard to pick something over the M3. Just my bias. The Caddy, although faster..just doesn't fit into my personal view of this category..its just too big and heavy. It would be like trying to compare it to my 335.

when looking at a world class sports sedan, which I basically do continually, the V sedan was the easy choice for me. Fastest in every way--track or line, nicest looking, best value. As far as I am concerned, it still sits atop that lofty place...likely until the next M5 is launched.

I don't have a link to that..I am going by memory--as is the person I am responding to who has no link. I remember that the guy in the M3 was the fastest on day one--of all cars. On day two his times were bested by several ams and at least one pro.
I have yet to see a published, authoritiative track/lap comparison where an M3 beat a V. Until I do--don't think its out there.

there is little factual dispute which car is faster...please don't try to go there. If your talking coupe's you don't have to convince me which is the better overall car....I would take the M.

as for the tranny--so you saying they are wrong about the M3 tranny, because you drove it, but they are right about the V tranny?? Nice... OK..I will tell you that they are partially right-- it is not slow by any means. But it is "indecisive" in the higher gears..
im confused. coupe you would pick m3, and sedan you would pick ctsv? seems like coupe or sedan, they are the same cars