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aajami, i applaud you for being so resourceful. often times i agree that sticking with OEM is the best way to go. however, i wonder if this was the best thing to do to your car. this is just a big "what-if", but what if the japan version/ZCP has different software for the EDC. by installing these parts, you are by virtue potentially ruining the way your EDC was calibrated to work in conjunction with pre-zcp US spec suspension.

granted what everyone does to their vehicles makes sense and seemily logical with some merit (just springs, dinan, coilovers) but often times i wonder if the engineers at the M division just sit back with a Bratwurst ("Hans, come over and read what this guy is doing to his car) and just chuckle amongst themselves about how people think they can outsmart them or how they are potentially making things worse, not better. they tune in daily to see what new idea someone has come up with, like a comedy variety show.

the aftermarket is huge; i just wonder if we are actually making our vehicles better in the process of spending thousands. but at least everyone is unique in their own way, non-oem.

disclosure: i too want to be non-oem