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Originally Posted by Addict...Nah Im A Junkie! View Post
That ad is only misleading because the majority of the worlds population is made up of morons. Seriously, could a person think that because they bought an electric car then producing power at a generation station would not produce any emissions? Seriously? This is really too much. It's just like BMW having to block the brake ducts on the e36 m3 due to litigious Americans. Once again we have all been brought down by the common denominator (too bad the common denominator is a moron.) Should Toyota have to put that making a Prius pollutes? I don't recall seeing anything about that in any of the advertisements.

Sad. If only we could send 90% of the population to mars.
Not to be too political here (yeah, right) but if you follow the social trends in the grand old UK (principally England) it's increasingly clear that it has fallen and can't get up.