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That is a bad example to quote. It has been discussed extensively. It was really a GM market fest. Nothing more.

Young amateur 21 year old Cooper with little seat time was able to take his M3 sedan around faster than every other car including 3 CTS-V, M5, RS4, Evo X etc., one of which was driven by Bob Lutz.

That caught completely GM off-guard and at the very last moment to save face decided to bring in their professional developer/driver of the CTS-V just to beat Cooper's time. They called him the "secret driver". It does not get anymore apples to oranges than that.

It was one of the most lame and pathetic display of marketing I had ever seen.

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I-especially if you have never had the opportunity to take one around Monticello (as I have) and see what it is really like. there are several pro drivers that had substantially quicker times around Monticello in the V than in the M3 on the same day, during Caddy's challenge.

Just my two cents...
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