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Originally Posted by Maestro View Post
you can cap them with a pellet gun, done it on the pass but requires you to be a good shot, and the fact the one you got hanging around does not run as soon as he see you will make it easy.

If you have a .22 cal pellet gun that you can pump up, will work the best, pull it all the way, and take aim at the back of it head/neck region, if you can hit him square in the middle of the neck you will soon have a dead groundhog on your porch.
Thanks. Nice to know the pellet gun could do the trick if necessary. I just now managed to sting him again. Little bastard wouldn't even move off the walkway for my daughter to go out and play! I think he is a bit pissed off because I loaded up his remaing hole with moth balls. He slowly crawled away after I stung him so maybe he got the message and wont to back.