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Originally Posted by footie View Post
this holds true for BMW, Mercedes and Porsche as all these brands basically throw the same nose on each of their models.
Yes, and in fact, it holds for most any passenger car under the same vehicle brand that uses the same basic form factor (2-box, 3-box, whatever) and size. A big part of what makes cars like the R8 - and most any purpose built sports car - catch so much attention looks is that they don't look much like other cars on the road nor from the same brand.

The only thing I will say in his defence is that the RS5 as with all A5 models does look a bit more exclusive and special than the 3 series, most of the reason for this is the success of the 3 series, it makes it slightly commonplace to see one.
Sure but, all of this depends on ones location, of course. In the Detroit, MI, area I see relatively few German cars over all. BMW, Audi, Mercedes all appear with the same relative infrequency, roughly speaking.

The only thing is, and this hold true for the M3 as well as the RS5 is that will placed beside a 3 series or in the case of the Audi an A5 even Joe Blogs can tell these aren't your run of the mill versions.
Yes, I agree that once you put them next to their lesser-capable siblings, the differences become very noticeable.
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