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One thing I believe people always fail to consider about electric cars is the efficiency of the energy they use.

The most fuel-efficient, cleanest running internal combustion engine is no where near as efficient at extracting energy as even the dirtiest coal-fired powerplant. What's more, of the energy that is extracted from the ICE, maybe 20% of it goes to actually providing propulsion. The other 80+% is lost as heat, whether directly from the combustion process, or indirectly through the friction of the powertrain.

And that report about the Prius being more environmentally damaging than driving an SUV for a year is extremely flawed, and this has been known for years. ALL autos get their parts and materials from all over the globe, thus failing to take into account the methods behind the manufacture of that hypothetical SUV driving for a year creates a very misleading, though attention-grabbing story.
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