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Originally Posted by Jack28 View Post
Very Nice Video... Ya Kudos to Cadillac loll... dropping a high hp engine in a coupe doesn't make it a great sports car. As the host said, The BMW IS the REAL Drivers car. Loved this Video. Very nice...
I respectfully disagree with you (not in your praise for the M3--no--I love that car too and there is no disputing its title as king, at least not to me).

Cadillac did a lot more than just drop a high HP engine..this car was built -as a sedan-from the ground up to beat the M5 and C63 AMG, not only in a straight line, but at the "ring" and in every other way. And it does. It was won every comparison to those cars and the Jag, etc etc... This coupe is the same car with basically different sheet metal to make a why now they want to compare to an M3 or RS5 is kind of strange- Maybe an M6??

If you read this article--where they are evaluating JUST the cts-v coupe, you will see that they say it is not only a great sports car, but one of the best in the world.

"Cadillac's CTS-V is not just the best American sport sedan in history; it's also one of the best in the world. Period. Better than Jaguar's impressive XFR. Better than BMW's legendary M5. And so close to Mercedes-Benz's benchmark E63 AMG that choosing between the two is really down to personal taste and whether your pockets are deep enough to handle the German car's $25,000 price premium."

"Out on regular roads, the CTS-V Coupe is easily the most athletic Caddy ever. It surges from corner to corner with a muted rumble, and turns in obediently when you pull the steering wheel off-center. There's plenty of bite from the front end, and good mid-corner grip. And with all that torque -- 551 lb.-ft. at 3800 rpm, almost smack in the middle of the supercharged V-8's rev-band -- you can adjust the car's cornering attitude at will. There's oversteer if you want it -- and you have the StabiliTrak switched off -- but the onset is delightfully progressive and easily controllable.

"665-mile, one-day dash from the south of England to deepest Bavaria underscored CTS-V Coupe's credentials as a continent-crushing grand tourer. That supercharged V-8 drinks from such deep reserves of power and torque that it hardly feels like it's breaking a sweat. Setting the shocks in Tour mode overlays the firm ride with just the right amount of compliance, yet keeps the chassis composed and communicative. We cruised as fast as we could across Germany, hitting an indicated 165 mph more than once, and the Caddy tracked like a bullet train, even when hammering through big sweeping turns on the Autobahn at a buck-forty or so. It has the same calm, deliberate demeanor at speed as an AMG Mercedes."

"Edgy, rakish, pumped, the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe is stylistically confident and extroverted, like an American performance car should be, but in a way international audiences will understand and embrace. What's more, it actually delivers on the visual promises, with performance and handling that genuinely allows it to run wheel-to-wheel, no-holds-barred, with the world's best premium performance coupes. We've compared American and foreign cars before, but those stories have been more about a clash of cultures than a match-up of machinery. This time, though, it's different, because the Cadillac CTS-V doesn't need to excuse itself by wrapping up in the Stars and Stripes. By anyone's standards, it's a damned good piece. Period."

I would say there is no dispute it IS a world class sports car--and remember, in this shootout--they "choose"the M3. The V beat it in nearly all performance categories, and it is will beat it on the "ring" as well.

There only real knock against it was the Tranny--and they also called the M3 tranny "clunky"...

Like I said, I am a BMW lover--there is nothing like them. I am currently looking real hard at adding the new 550i to my stable. So I "get" why the M3 gets choosen. But its probably not a great comparison, and to dismiss the V as "not a great car" is hasty--especially if you have never had the opportunity to take one around Monticello (as I have) and see what it is really like. there are several pro drivers that had substantially quicker times around Monticello in the V than in the M3 on the same day, during Caddy's challenge.

Just my two cents...
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