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This is one bold ass varmint. Kids called me yesterday to say that the little bugger was sunning himself up on the front porch and had no fear of them when they opened the front door! He just starred at them. Only when the German Shepard saw him and barked did he scamper away.

Then about an hour after I got home I look out the front window and this little bastard is again sunning himself with his back to the door! Talk about arrogant. I opened the door and managed to take aim and put a pellet in his backside. Not enough to kill him but I wanted to confim his exit plan. Sure enough I have the right hole under surveillance.

Considering I'm in an urban location, a pellet gun is about as aggressive as i can get. I don't think the local police nor my neighbors would think too highly of me firing off +P+ 9mm rounds at a groundhog.

Gonna try to smoke him out.