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Originally Posted by Sylon View Post
Not to be an ass, but London is right. People don't understand what it takes to build and own an electric car. They only see that they are not producing emissions when they are driving, but they fail to see what goes into building the car and charging it.

It was said that building a Toyota Prius causes more damage to the environment than to drive a SUV everyday for a year, once you look into how the materials for the batteries are manufactured, not to mention transportation of those materials all around the world to the different places it has to go in order to become a battery. At no point is it beneficial to the environment to own an electric car.

Oh, BTW, the link on the main Bimmerpost page for this article doesnt work. Its been coded to take you to the page.

I agree with you, but why do they say this only to BMW and not to other car makers, as Audi with their E-Tron or E1?