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It just goes to show that technology doesn't translate to feel. You can produce faster cars that are not as fun to drive....I had the pleasure of doing the World Class Driving Experience last year and took out a Ferrari f430, Lambo Gallardo, Aston DB9, Porsche GT2 and a McLaren Mercedes SLR. The Ferrari, with less power then the others, was by far the most fun to drive - the noises, feel, and interaction between car and driver were intoxicating. The Lambo felt numb afterwards (thanks audi/vw).

I think the RS5 suffers from the same fate...its overly engineered. Sure, it may run a faster lap time than an e92 M3 off the lot (and who races all OEM cars?) but its all about feel and fun for me....good luck hanging the RS5 ass out in a massive drift on a twisty public road and being confident that you're in control.