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Silva vs Sonnen

I think this is a straight forward fight. If Sonnen can't get Silva down he losses if he can several times he has half a chance. Now Chael has been running his mouth and I have to say I find it entertaining he deffinately has good smack talk. Sonnen says he is bringing something new to MMA.. That being telling the truth. I'm going to question a few of these... He claims Anderson has been ducking him for four years. Only the UFC chooses who the tittle holder fights and there's no choice/opinion excuse to get out of it. Infact u have a better chance to duck a fight if u aren't a champ that happens all the time, as Champ u have no choice, fake an injury and u will find that same number one contender still waiting. Very recently Chael and Anderson were on a phone conferance answering questions. Silva was being rather boring replying yes and no to fans questions about how Chael has been dissing him. Silva had no response and reaction to give. There's no secret that Sonnen dislikes Silva and is trying to get under his skin What I found amusing however was the outburst of frustration and anger from Sonnen in the way Silva doesn't aknowlege Sonnens abusive words. To me it seems Sonnens antics have backfired Silva couldn't care less and that really seemed to piss Chael off. I've heard Chael talk of how he plans to end Silvas 15mins of fame but in truth not many people listened nor knew to much of Sonnen before this tittle fight. He has caught my attention (good on him) but the fact is Silva has been the champ for four years and come August 7th Chael Sonnens 15mins will be up and we all will be hearing... And still the middle weight champion of the world.... Anderson the Spider Silva...

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