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OP here are some information I gathered/ remembered.

Wherever those little pesky creatures are, every 5 by 5 plant a small piece of garlic (size of one of the keys of your keyboard) one inch into the ground. They hate the scent. Also, if you want to catch them what you have to do is cover all their holes and get a hose and let the water run their the only open hole. Stay there and be prepared the grab that sucker (where a glove for safety purposes) Last solution that i know of and by far the worst, is poison
Its these sticks that looks like dynamites. Cover all their holes with dirty and the last hole fire up the stick, throw it in the hole and dig up the hole so no smoke would be released anywhere.

Thats how I got them gone. I also did another thing but I dont think thats how I killed them (or maybe because its their food). I dug out all my flowers (all they eat is roots of plants and what not) and surrounded all the roots and stem of the flower/ plant around a small fence. This is my .02 cents. If you need any other help PM me

Please dont harm or torture the creatures though, they are soon to become extinct and are very nice creatures and its not worth killing them