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"The RS5 acceleration figures (unofficial) are closer to that of the C63 which means it is slightly ahead of an M-DCT M3. Track times on the ring are expected to be between 7:55-7:59 depending on conditions and rubber used at time of test, which I might add is roughly 10s better than the M3 depending on whether it's using CUP+ or PS2. Where the RS5 will really score over the M3 is in it's ability to cover ground extremely quickly, yet safely.

Overall, whether it's in acceleration, handling, braking, in-gear times, economy, emissions, in fact everything will be that little bit better than the M3 which when all of this is taken into consideration proves that Audi have indeed produced a superior car."
wow...who wrote that dribble?....that was off the mark eh??!!!!...he/she must be a tad embarrassed!!