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"Hyundai's have better looking interiors?"

This is why I no longer subscribe to car magazines. A friend was telling me about checking out one of the new Hyundai's at the Chicago auto show. Said overall the car looked nice, but on the 2nd day of the show the side bolster for the drivers seat was already looking very tired.

I don't get it, BMW designs interiors to last a lifetime, to become classic in nature. Hyundai is all about growing their brand, so if chintzy fad modern looking interiors is doing it for them, good for them. My e46 is 7 years old and I still love everything about the interior. If anything their "black on black" interior should have sharpened their focus on the drive. My car's interior is black on black with black cube trim, while still very attractive, it does "fade away" as I think it should. I guess they must love up in your face silver or two-tone everything screaming "look at me" on the inside. I say no thanks...

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