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Originally Posted by dizzyj View Post
Lotek Human Female Monk - Tarrew Marr

ahh good times. pulling solb to nag...what a rush. I would run up the stairs before the door to nag, turn around and see a 50 person army ready for war. Then run in and smack that b*tch
cool, I was on tarrew marr myself. half elf male druid.

I remember when I first started EQ on the first day I thought to myself, "wtf am I suppose to do? or go even?" Even later on, I still remember getting lost in the game. In later expansions they made it much easier for newbies, but I remember playing the game right about when kunark came out. Back in those days you had to go to some zone I can't remember (greater faydar? I remember it was next to butcher block) to try and sell your wares through chat.