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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I would love you to explain this conclusion. Why is the RS5 not as good as the RS4?

Because I could give you many reasons why it's better.
-RS5 is heavier,
-RS5 has does not have the good 6MT of the RS4, which is even better than the M3's 6MT
-RS5 does not look so distinguishing as the RS4
-RS4 is not so agressive as RS4, RS4 looks better than RS5 (subjective)
-RS4 has character, RS5 is bland
-Both have "the same" engine
-RS4 handles/feel better, more "connection" than RS5
-RS4 is "hard-core"

In one word, the RS4 has something that the RS5 has not, just like M3 E46 has something M3 E92 has not. But contrary to what M3 E92 offers over M3 E46, RS5 has nothing more to offer over RS4 except "bling-bling".

PS: I am also interested in your view point RS4 vs. RS5.