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maybe around the track but its a pretty damn fast car

plus getting to hear the v10 with the top down has to be one of the most amazing experiences to be had in a BMW

i think its actually as good if not better than the m5 and it is gorgeous

I hope to buy a pre owned one someday[/quote]

I attended the 1 day M course in Greenville, SC, where we drove M3s/M5s/M6s. The latter two had SMG trannys and the former had the DCT tranny. I personally like the M3 best. I thought the V8 sounded better than the V10s. I also don't like the SMG. Compared to the DCT, which shifts very quickly, it feels like you're breaking the tranny every time you shift. I have an M3/DCT, but had never driven the SMG tranny. I guess I should have driven BEFORE trying to keep a $80K vehicle on the road, while being screamed at by driving course instructors.