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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Has anyone heard of issues with the rachet mechanisms failing? My current jack stands have them, and I didn't have any problems with them, but I do get a bit paranoid thinking if they are properly engaged or not. I know the design is such that when the stand experiences load, they engage, and that the teeth are unlikely to shear off and so on, but the primitive part of my brain wants to see a nice solid bar go through a wide stand housing and shaft. I guess then I would worry about stress concentration around the hole. It's just that when I see stands for $25, I wonder if they are designed properly. I know it shouldn't cost much to produce these things once they are designed, but still. I guess I am not making the "too cheap" counter point to the too expensive point, but there seem to be plenty of stuff in between. Anyway, just rambling I guess...
Ha, always the engineer thinking!

-I like the ratchets for convenience (own ratchet style now)
-Sometime there is not quite enough adjustability in them (same would probably be true of the through pin design)

If you run some really quick back of the envelope calculations on the jacks, either design, you will find pretty large safety factors. Probably at least 3, perhaps even 5. I know the feeling though... There is such little room under the car and I question the jack and stands every time I slide myself under.
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