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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
So are the springs shorter than the non-ZCP or the 10mm drop is from the perches?
I'm not sure, Technic. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to compare the suspension side by side (stock suspension was on the car when I had the ZCP components on hand, ZCP suspension is on the car now that I have the stock components on hand, and I didn't perform the install myself).

I thought the spring perch was a bit lower on the front struts, but Tom swears they're aesthetically identical. Given that he has held both parts at the same time and I haven't, take his word over mine.

Originally Posted by Slpnbyu View Post
Do you know if these are the same part numbers as what would be used on the E90, or are they E92 specific?
These are specific to the E92. However, I'm sure you can work with the same vendors I did to determine the PNs for the E90.

Originally Posted by Slpnbyu View Post
I wonder why they are matching the spring part numbers with your VIN. I have read in the past (E46 CSL) that they used to match VIN with part numbers so you couldn't order the parts unless you really had a CSL.
Originally Posted by Technic View Post
I would guess that it has to do with the Vehicle Order that that VIN has to show (ZCP). The springs are matched to the shocks which are matched to the new EDC algorithm, which makes up the ZCP option code in the VO, which is in the VIN.

In simpler words, BMW wants to make sure that if/when you crash you are not going to use your ZCP retrofit as the possible cause for a lawsuit.
That might be one of the reasons, but the primary reason is that BMW uses different springs (I think the number is six) depending on what kind of option packages came on your car. More options = added weight, which means different spring stiffness. Your options are tied to the VIN, and you need it to determine which of the six (give or take) ZCP springs you need for the option packages that come on your car.

Originally Posted by kitw View Post
Couple of questions:

Are the springs stiffer? (measure the wire diameter, that should give you a good idea, you'll need a pretty good tool to measure it)

How long did the parts take to get in? I would like to do this to my car, too, eventually. (wasn't happy with lowering springs on stock shocks)
I don't have any gauges, let alone one precise enough to measure wire thickness, unfortunately.

I ordered these parts back in April, and BMW AG was very slow in feeding their parts supply line, especially considering that customers were taking delivery of their ZCP cars in March. Once the parts were made available for shipment (which they are now) it took 1-3 weeks for them to arrive, depending on the vendor that they were ordered from.

Originally Posted by Levi View Post
A very nice looking car. You are the only 09' M3 LCI owner. CF looks very good with Space Grey. Unfortunately there are no Black-line taillights, but the red LCI taillights are also very nice. If you would not have spend on ZCP suspenssion retrofit, would you have tried to get M3 GTS coilovers? They are OEM, even if they are KW V3 CS with ///M badge?
Thanks, Levi. Yes, shame about the cancelled Black-Lines, but the Euro LCI lights are stunning in person. I would not have gotten the GTS suspension, just because I want something that's livable on the street. My M3 is a daily driver, and I'm sure the GTS suspension would have been complete overkill for such a car.

I'll leave it up to rldzhao to retrofit the GTS suspension
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