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I installed PFC-01 pads in OEM calipers and used them on Friday for the first time. I found that the pads rattle in the calipers when hot and just rolling/taxiing slowly. The noise went when the brakes were applied. Is this usual? Initially it was the passenger side front only, and then it was both sides after a more vigorous session. The PFC pads do not have retaining springs.

The brakes worked fine, but the rattle was disconcerting and drew some attention in the paddock coming in off the track. The rattling went away when the pads were cool.
I experienced this identical situation. Put PFC01s in over the weekend, took it to the track yesterday, and by the end of the day they were rattling/slapping quite badly. Continued to rattle for the entire 1 hr drive home, at all speeds. Didn't rattle with the brakes applied. The rattle is very concerning, loud, and constant. Almost sounds destructive. I did not notice this sound from the brakes of any of the other cars that were driving through the pits at the track.

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Rattles are common without springs hot or cold. An aluminum caliper can expand more than the steel backed pad and rattle hot. A loose fitting pad will rattle any time. When you apply brake pressure the pads torque against the caliper and can't rattle. Adhesive brake pad liners or compound sometimes helps reduce rattles/squeals.

Squealing is very common with almost all track pads and many hi-perf street pads. It can change with temp, vehicle speed, moisture and the amount of brake pressure, etc. Ask me how I know...
I'm OK with the squealing, but nervous about the rattling. Have you heard of any situations where the rattling became more than just a noise annoyance? Will the loose fit get worse as the pads wear.

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