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Originally Posted by iBeJayKaying View Post
No homo okay?

I love you man.

I wanted to see some good photos of Lemans Blue, and I wanted to see some good photos of gunmetal on Lemans Blue.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

I'm also beginning to think that the sedan looks more aggressive and that I'd rather have that over the coupe, possibly? Damn....

I agree the sedan looks more aggressive. I have always said that. These wheels only add fuel to that fire ...

Originally Posted by H Bomb View Post
sweet pics. i have the same wheels but in diff color. curious what is the reason to go 35 up front and 30 in the rear?? fitment or to fill the gap?? or performance?? thanks alot
Those sizes are closest to the OEM diameters while being the proper sizes for the wheels. I wanted the front to have a slightly taller sidewall to fill the gap a bit more. So even with 'just' a Dinan drop I think the stance is perfect now.

Originally Posted by bavarian06 View Post
aggressive front rim offset. are you lowered? does the 255/35 tire rub?
Yep and no rubbing.

Originally Posted by RisingSun View Post
Great color combo, I would not have gone any other way.

any other jdm parts in store for the m?
Not that I know of.

Originally Posted by Money2536 View Post
I'm inspired! Every time I start to waver on LMB, your photos bring me back. I do have question. Why did you choose the regular TE37 versus the G2?
I prefer the looks, plus I wanted gunmetal, and these were available.

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