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MaxPsi / Technique Tuning Custom Dyno tune day

NickG was up over the weekend doing some tuning. Awesome to watch him work.

Only snapped a few pics in the HOT ass shop, was 100+ ambient all day. ugh.

A few pics I snapped while at the shop

A few weaksauce BMW's out front (I kid I kid)


Nick running the 330

sinister looking beast driving down the road, wish I got a decent pic of it. This is all I got, a heavy crop w horrrrrible lighting

gtr hangin out outside, right hand drive. I would crash it i'm sure.

New GTR / Mike's bedroom getting the full works at MaxPsi

Mike's weapon on the stand w/ some nasty hardware on it.

Ron's car before the new rear subframe went in

Mine cooling down after the 3.5hr drive

on the rollers

The Mad Scientists squeezin some more horsepowers out of Ron's car......check out the intensity


and Ron you'll be proud of me......I broke this sometime recently. UUC tranny mount, has at most 2,000 miles on it. Put new OEM ones back in.

I'm going to sell this tank and bracket in case anyone wants it, cheap. I sprayed it black since this photo. I will run a 3 gallon fuel cell so I feel safe w/ 100% meth in it.

Only snapped 2 videos:

no idea which run this was but based on the sound Id say a low boost run on the WG spring