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Originally Posted by markjord View Post
Hmm I must be dreaming then. There I was thinking my car was a 2007 E92.
Seriously though, the E92 was released in 2007 in Europe. This crops up a lot. So take my word, I own one.

I live in Germany...... If you want to believe it is a 2007..... cool. But read the following and see if you still believe.

"The fourth generation BMW M3 was announced on the 2007 Geneva Auto Show (Switzerland, March 6-18th, 2007) with the BMW M3 concept. As was the case with the E46 M3 Concept and E60 M5 Concept, the M3 Concept hid almost nothing of the looks of the production version, that had its world premiere on the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show IAA (Germany, September 13 to 23rd). It was originally set to be called M4 along with 3 Series coupes and convertibles which were to become the 4 Series, but due to the interest in retaining the M3 bloodline, this was scrapped and the lineup continued as it is."

Production in Sept of 2007 is a 2008 model. Mine was built in April of 2010 and it is a 2011 model.... trackin???
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