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Originally Posted by abisson View Post
All except E30.

You don't agree?
I certainly don't. The E36 may have had a little mismatch between shocks and springs (and thus could be a little wallowy on certain transitions) but it was spot-on in terms of grip vs. power vs. braking and IMO had better steering than the E46 (which is too light).

I drove the E30 and wasn't that impressed - perhaps I my expectations were too high? While I certainly agree the steering was very good, I found the car to be very slow and ultimately not that exciting. For the money they fetch these days, I'll have an Elise thank you.

The E36 and E46 are very approachable cars, at least coming from an E90. I can just get in and wring their necks out and feel comfortable doing it - but not with the E90. To me the E90 is scary fast when driven at the (my?) limit, and I just cannot do very often on the streets these days. Jump into my friend's E46 and we're sideways before the first corner...

I find the E9x to be the best handling of them all - perhaps it's personal preference or my driving style, but it has absolutely every handling possibility on the menu. That said, the brakes are the most inadequate of them all and I wish they'd added more steering feel to go with that extra front grip.

I don't expect everyone to agree with me, so let mine be the lone voice of discord.

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