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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
I heard that BMW has severed ties with Dinan, but I had a rep at a dealer tell me that they still do have a partnership, then talked a bit about the whole Dinan chip for N54s. Do they still have a partnership, or is he mistaken? Reason why I'm asking is because in the future, I'm trying to decide if I'd get JB3 or Dinan (but let's not discuss that in this thread )
Many dealerships across the US are installing Dinan software and parts as of today.

Since the advent of BMW Performance I would desribe their relationship as friendly competitors.

Even if there was no relationship at all, Dinan "takes over" the car's 4-year warranty following installation of their software and/or parts, so you're covered in any case.

I've been a customer of both BMW and Dinan since 2002 and it's been all good, right up to and including present day.