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I strongly feel this was done as a preventative measure. There is no question that the RB6 chassis is probably the best on the grid. and Ferrari was not going to give the RBR a chance to catch up.

I'd really like someone to explain how the baseball analogy isn't in the same line as what happened yesterday.
Perhaps you prefer a pinch running analogy? slugger hits a triple in the bottom of the ninth. the winning run is now on 3rd. they replace him with a FASTER pinch runner. next batter hits into a single and score the winning run. the guy who got the triple is the reason why the runner was there but doesn't get any credit.
And yes, i know you could argue that all the credit goes to the batter who scored the RBI. but then what are you going to say? "it's a team sport?" whats F1 racing supposed to be.

Truth is, and everyone (whether they are for or against what ferrari did) will agree, if it was the other way around, with Massa passing Alonso, and Massa winning the race, no one would say a word. Oh ,but its Alonso passing Massa who had that accident last year and he deserves to win and Alonso is an asshole so let's let the media make a spectacle out of it. Again, I'm a Massa fan. but Alonso is the faster driver.

It relieves me to know that after the next race there will be a new drama story that will unfold and this will all be another closed chapter in the story of F!.
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