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Originally Posted by JoeyBananaz18 View Post
If you're stefano dominicali and you're watching the lap times come up, and you engineers are telling you that the gap between your drivers is closing (with vettel behind them), you realize that if something is not done you risk letting vettel catch up to your drivers. letting the drivers race it out and have alonso pass isnt as easy as it sounds. just passing someone in a formula 1 car is a bit more difficult than the way we pass someone on the highway. and passing can also pose a threat of some kind of crash.
Why hold up a driver that is clearly faster and risk throwing away a 1-2 finish? They new Vettel was back there and they knew that if there was one driver that could overtake them both and go on to win, it was Vettel. I feel sorry that for massa that he was put in that position. i'm a big massa fan and on the 1 year anniversary of his accident, there isn't another driver i wanted to see standing on top of that podium. but the truth is alonso was faster, and you cant let the faster driver be held up and risk loosing the race.

The baseball analogy in this thread is spot on.
So if Massa was so slow why didn't Vettel catch and pass him? Easy answer is that he wasn't fast enough and wouldn't have caught either of them. Ferrai fucked up plain and simple. They allowed Alonso's whining to dictate policy and that was a mistake. They deserve to lose constructor points.

And the baseball analogy is grotesquely inaccurate. Baseball is about scoring runs. In a close game you do whatever you can WITHIN THE RULES to score runs. Nothing even remotely illegal about sacrifice flys. TEAM ORDERS ARE ILLEGAL AND FERRARI GAVE TEAM ORDERS ON AN OPEN LINE!

Both illegal and stupid, especially after Alonso's recent tirades about leniancy shown to other teams.