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Engine Break In (Opposite of what the manual says)

Engine Break-In

Not sure if this is a repost if it is my apologizes. If you have been hanging around cars for more than 20 minutes, you have probably read this in some form or another. I can personally say that I never taken it easy on any car off the lot.

First example: 2002 RSX Type S, Straight off the lot, 1st gear to 8,300 rpm then back down to idle. Then 2nd, 3rd 4th, and so on. (I did change the oil at 200 miles, and then again at 700, then there after, normal maintenance schedule was followed.) The car in stock form always dynoed approx 8 to 10 HP more than other stock RSX's Maybe a coincidence, but it defiantly didn't hurt it.

After about 15K miles, the car was turbo charged on a stock motor, 11:1 compression, running 12 psi daily, producing 320 hp, only the clutch was upgraded. (The motor was never opened. No head gaskets, head stud etc.) Never had a motor problem. Lasted till the day I sold it 160K+ miles

Second example: 2008 TL Type-s. Same thing, off the lot, rev'ing the car to redline in ever gear. This car was never dyno'd. (Lets be honest, its a pig. It was my "rebuilding my driving record, lower my insurance, dont get pulled over every day, car" ) However, was always quicker than other stock TL-S's (Mine had no mods and was auto, so good driver mod is irrelevant) Typically always a "rolling" comparison.

I'd like to hear other peoples opinions. I have no personal "proof" that it worked "better" I just have my own experience which for whatever reason seemed to favor the break in outlined above.

So have it guys....