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Originally Posted by dizzyj View Post
Lotek Human Female Monk - Tarrew Marr

ahh good times. pulling solb to nag...what a rush. I would run up the stairs before the door to nag, turn around and see a 50 person army ready for war. Then run in and smack that b*tch
Being a Male Human Monk myself, I remember this exact scenario every time! It was the best time for MMO RPG's, it was before the internet really came and took out all the mystery and real sense of adventure. All my best online memory's were with EQ1, first time grouping in a party to venture to distant lands. I think I was about lvl 10 and shouted around for a group to travel from Qeynos to Freeport because my younger brother and friends started there! It was insane at the time because there were no maps the concept of Hugging the wall to go from point A-B was not even thought of yet! Adventuring through Rivervale, running for our lives because we were such nubs at the time. In the end I was the only survivor it took more than half the day to cross over to Freeport, my most epic adventure todate. Then came WOW with the internet cheat sheet took out all the adventure everything is just a grind now. These new players will never understand what we had!