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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
If he can't get pass Massa without team order then he's not good enough to win today...
Is that a good reason to say the same thing when Alonso (hypotheticaly) loses the driving championship by a few points had today not happened?

Belive me I dont like it one bit, but its nothing new in the sport. The fact that the rules exists against it are pretty clear. Ferrari are playing their sly game that they never ordered Massa to let him past, but as is clear, no one is buying it.

Im quite sure that Ferrari will at the least lose all points for today, and possibly be excluded from this years championships in regards to points.

In the end of the day, the teams are there to win, BOTH championships. If they let Massa win to be "fair" and they lose a championship because of it, they're stupid. The mistake was making it so blatant.

Truth is Alonso has quite thoroughly outperformed Massa this whole season. Massa is a decent driver when the car works in his favor, otherwise he's an also ran. Massa would not have been able to do half of what Alonso did with last years Renault, nor has he been able to keep pace with Alonso this year while the car has been terrible. Alonso was faster today, not by much, but he was faster. Ferrari took a decision which will haunt them, but in their mind it was the smartest thing to do looking at why they exist, to win, both championships at all costs.