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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
It's CHEATING man. Guess you also follow just the rules you like. And it's a rule for a reason: IT DETRACTS FROM THE SPORT. Just like when an Uruguay player pushed the ball out of the goal with his hands. Yeah, did it 'for the team', but what an illegitimate way to win. Anyway, it's useless to discuss this with people who think anything goes as long as it benefits 'the team'. And since you're not part of the M3 'team', I'm 'kicking' (as ignoring) you out . And this crap comes from a supposed 'track rat' .
The only one who benefited was Alonso. The "team" would have scored maximum points regardless of whether it was alonso-massa, or massa-alonso. That's the part that blows. No way will Alonso win the drivers championship this year. Too erratic. He's in 5th place because he is the 5th best driver. He needs to quit his fucking bitching and drive more consistently.