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///M Flight attends ///M Fest Europe at Mendig Airfield Germany...

Featured on M3POST HOMEPAGE.

A few pictures are uploaded now, more will be within then next 24 hours as well...

BMW Car Club ///M Flight attended M Fest Europe yesterday at Mendig Airfield in Germany. This event was organized by a German BMW M series FORUM and it's members/moderators. It was nothing like Bimmerfest or M Fest back in the states, but not too bad considering it was their 1st one... One of the things I noticed was that they had vehicles there that were not M's. I thought it should have been an only M event due to the nature/name of the event. But considering that a new M3 here in Germany for the Europeans cost about in between $125,000 and $150,000; I somewhat understand.

The day started off gloomy/rainy but then cleared up for a good day! We rolled up there in a convoy of 20 M's (18 M3's and 2 M5's). We cruised up there at about 100-110 miles per hour in the group. We had members from all over Germany, Belgium and Holland roll out! Other members that were in the vacinity of Mendig, simply met us there. When we showed up, we pretty much shut it down. When you tell an event organizer that your car club is showing up/scheduled to come with 30 M's, most of the time they are like "yeah right" untill we show up. When we arrived, everyone was looking at us!

They had drifting competitions and had a race track set up on the Airfield as well. Their parking availability was not to good, as you will see we had to double park. But this is their 1st one, so I'm sure next year it will be better as they will learn from this one.

Also, I would like to thank Dave at for sponsoring us at/for this event. We looked very classy with all of us wearing BMW Polo's with M Flight embroidered on them which Pentagon Car Sales provides for us.

Enoy the pics...


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