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I agree with you, but my question is: do we really know (hard evidence) that the TWS is just a top of the line castrol with a different label?

A brand can indeed ask for a specific characteristic in an oil, or a specific additive. Maybe the M engines are just not able to handle any oil. The Porsche engine maybe be able to go along a generic one.

It's difficult to know with no evidence of it.

Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Don't be a fanboy man. Can you see the dollar sign all over that? You can use $1 dollar oil and your engine would be fine at 50K miles if oil is changed frequently. Tell me what the hell is different from our engine to, let's say, Honda's S2000 that revs about the same? How about Porsche's 3.8L GT3's engine? It's even more impressive than ours (more HP and torque out of less cylinders and less displacement), revs even higher, and uses 'mundane' Mobil1 5/40. It's just a marketing scheme, and they can get away with that because they're paying for service.

And no, I don't own a Porsche or an S2000 but an E92 M3; I just don't happen to be blind with brand 'loyalty' with anything. But since most of us (including me) will keep using TWS at least for fear of losing our warranty, this discussion is pretty much over . Good day.