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Originally Posted by quality_sound View Post
Forget both and get a rear projection unit. Mitsubishi makes them up to 83" and it'll be cheaper, with a better picture, than either the LCD or projector. No input lag (if you game), no motion blur like every LCD has, and more than bright enough to be used in any lighting condition. It also won't suffer from off-axis picture degradation like an LCD. Yes, it's going to be about a foot and a half deep so you won't be able to hang it but unless that's a must you can't beat a DLP rear projection unit.
This is the route I went. My 67" Samsung LED DLP was about $2000 1.5 years ago and the picture rivals my Pioneer Elite 50" plasma. If you're not hanging it on the wall and can afford about 18" of depth, it is the way to go.

Since thin is in, DLP's aren't in demand and Samsung dropped the line-up. As stated above, Mitisubishi makes a good unit, too, and now they are the only ones in the game.