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Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
The Hawk HP+'s are a lot better than the stock pads as they have a lot better feel & are a lot better on the pad deposit issue.
Learning the skills to manage the brakes that you have on the car should be part of Advanced driver training as much as learning proper lines.If you drive like a "Rock Ape"and stand on the brakes every brake cycle on track you will have problems.Suprise!Would I like better braking?Of course I would, but in the meantime I will live with what I have and not have any real problems by managing their use within the brakes systems capabilities.
I see where you are coming from. My point is that brakes are a safety feature, not a performance feature. Why wear seat belts when you can clearly avoid the crash by slowing down or turning the wheel?

As to managing your brakes, agreed - there is a big difference between being an rock ape and driving very very fast. But, I will say this, I refuse to get into a student's car who thinks they have upgraded brakes with HP+ or HPS pads. My life is on the line, so my choice. Has happened more than once at the PCA club events I work at.

Here is the difference. I used to run HP+ pads as street pads in my E46M with stock calipers. I would swap them out for DTC70s or SpecVRs for the track. My beeding procedure for the HP+ could easily and accidentally get them to fade - about 3 very hard stops from 80mph, and once they started to fade, I needed to use the transmission to slow the car. It was nearly impossible to get the DTC70 to do anything but get better (or even bed for that matter)....