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Originally Posted by Kensta335 View Post
Hate it when they close the doors using the windows, leaving ugly fingerprints.
OMFG I hate that shit!!!!! why not just use the stupid door handle...

1. I also hate when their nails are long and they go to grab the door handle and you just know in your heart that here comes that dreaded scratch behind the door handle...

2. They take the visor down and look in the mirror while your trying to make a turn...

3. get in the car but not before kicking everything in sight including the damn seat.

4. taking off the seat belt so fast it flys and hits the window scratching the tint(old car)... sticking to seat belts how about when they take it off slow but never puts it back in it's place so it's left to dangle there and ends up falling in the doorway then she slams the door...

5. has her purse in her hand and tries to open the door with the same hand rubbing the purse with pointy objects sticking out of it...

6. When they go to put something in your trunk and then rest it on the bumper.

7. eat or drink in my car and then leave all their shit on the floor.

8. get in the back seat and kick everything in sight including the center console, seat backs, door sills and side skirt. I've actually had a girl leave her shoe print on my seat WTF

9. constantly ask you to change the song...

10. when driving at night and put on a light in the car then leave it on so you come back later only to find out that a light has been on in your car for about 5hrs.

11. lean up against the car and then talk about how silky the paint is and try to demonstrate it to me that it is slick...

Sorry for the long list... Just speaking from previous experience...

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