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Never in my car(s), but what completely enrages me is when I see girls have their feet up on the dash/in the window/in the seat.

Regardless of the fact that it is completely unsafe (and really unsanitary) this isn't a fucking papasan chair. Your feet go in the floor bitch not on the dash.

Most women don't do this, but the two types I see doing it most are:

1. North Shore (Illinois) Jewish-American Princesses in their Range Rovers - Yoga pants/shirt/bandana. Bitch if I can see your knee in the window there is no way you are covering the brake or are ready for an evasive maneuver while driving.

2. Fucking torn up fat white trash. Usually with bare feet on the dash of their man's (body lifted) '95 dodge ram. Bare feet because they don't own any shoes/are too lazy to tie them up and spread eagle on the dash so that they can get the AC to blow on their chaffed VD-ridden burning crotch as well as to form a "shelf" that they can support their 72oz coke on.

Annoys the shit out of me.