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Originally Posted by bavarian19 View Post
If you need someone to co-sign your loan, that must mean that you don't make enough to pay for the car. Upset or not, maybe you should listen to what the writing on the wall is saying.

Either make more money yourself to be approved, or wait until a time in your life when you do. Why not go for a 335?

Making better financial decisions now (when you are 20) will lead you to better chances of continuing to own good cars throughout your life. Overextending yourself now might not be the best thing.

I hope you also own a house if you are talking about purchasing an 80k car, BTW.
I think half you guys only read half the posts in the thread. But thanks for you 2 cents and any help or advice. Yes I own a very nice house with the finest things in it BTW did I mention What a big pool is in the backyard.

Fellas I got approved the day this thread started. I can well afford this car weather BMW wanted to give it to me or not BTW did I mention a bunch of times they did say ok. I will say it agAIN the MF AT .00245 INSTEAD OF .00180 THATs I wanted. The dealer told me to get a co signer if my credit was not that good for tier 1 credit but as I said a bunch of times in the thread I would get the rate but as we all know it a bunch of BS. Anyway enjoy this thread I hope it helps someone out.

I bet if I got a bulldoser and ran over BMWcars at the dealer and had to pay those cars off, I would never have a problem with BMW,LMAO. If you guys missed anything read the thread . Thanks again for any help offered weather I wanted to here it or not .