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Originally Posted by sourcerbmw View Post
This is HORRIBLE, I just got denied too for my e93 lease! damnit, they want me to pay infront $26,000, then I can get Mo payments to go down to $200ish lolllll. At this point I would rather just buy a used e93.....

Fico 720, verifiable income 100,000K +, they said I never took out a loan this big before so they will not let me slide unless I get cosign or 26k upfront.
Originally Posted by E92-Lighting View Post
what do you guys consider to be a high credit score
720 is not anything special. About 50% of the people in the U.S. with credit scores have a 720 or greater. What is high; that's subjective, 800+. But if you do have a very high score, I believe you can get some minor breaks (less documentation, no income verification required, faster approval process, etc.).
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