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I'm pretty sure that there will be way more 3 series in the autotrader in the next few years that mazdaspeed 6's because it is a limited production car. The Speed6 is hand built in Japan from what I believe not like the rest who are built in the states (this is what I'm told). Because of this quality will be much higher eventhough the normal mazda 6 is pretty damn reliable.

As far as luxury goes, the Mazdaspeed 6 has a lot of the same things the BMW 3er has:

- Leather Seats
- 6 Speed Tranny
- Torque Splitting AWD (Same system the $70,00Cdn Acura RL has)
- Xenon Lights
- 18" Wheels
- Spoiler and more defined Bumpers
- Dual Exhaust
- Better Gas Mileage (Mazda from what I'm told)

Those are some of the main things I remember. The fully loaded Mazdaspeed 6 is under $39,000Cdn whereas a comparable 3er is well over $50,000. I know it's apples and oranges but is over $11,000 enough to even the comparison?