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Originally Posted by Makushr1 View Post
Thanks guys for all your input.

Regarding florescence, one of the first places we went to the jewler told us florescence were a good thing. Then we went to a guy that my gf banks for (he's a diamond importer or something) and he laughed and rolled his eyes and told us the exact opposite. On BN, they do have to option to say if you want floresence or not, but make when it says 'none' it actually means 'slight.' Who knows.

Has anyone that purchased from BN taken it to a jewler and got it checked? I assume since its GIA cert, it will be correct, but just curious.
blue nile is pretty damn good. GIA certs are GIA certs, it doesn't matter where you purchase from. Remember BN will be better than ANY fly by day retailer (Zales, etc).
Go blue nile, or find a smaller dealer in your area that specializes.... don't get anything but GIA unless you have a very small budget.

Fluorescence is all a matter of opinion, do a little research (Refer to following statement about pricescope). Some people like it, some don't. That's the one thing that is truly 100% in the eyes of the beholder.. personally I think it's a pretty sweet effect in certain lighting conditions.

and as mentioned above..pricescope forums are *awesome* you can learn a LOT