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"Well them asians love they benzes and bimmers!"

Jokes aside, I'm from Taiwan and I'll admit Asians love German cars. You go to Taiwan or Hong Kong or very Chinese cities in the LA or NY areas in the USA, you'll see a lot of Mercedes Benzes then BMWs then Audis. Oh yea, a lot of Porsches as well. I always wondered why they like these brands so much, other than the fact that these three brands are very nice cars.

I came to one conclusion OTHER than that they're really nice cars.

In Asia, I'm gonna use the example of Hong Kong or Taiwan again, cars are incredibly expensive due to the import tax and other taxes. I'm sure this goes for other countries as well. In Taiwan I know that a 335i coupe has a base price of around 3 million NT (New Taiwan Dollars). Which equals roughly 93,000 US Dollars. Exchange rate currently is about 1 US = 32 NT.

So you can imagine how much other cars cost in Taiwan, especially Mercedes Benzes, and I'm sure its worse in many other countries.

So when some of these Asians immigrate to Los Angeles where the OP is in, and they make a good living they see that cars are super cheap here. To them Benzes are like half price. So they tend to jump on these German cars that would otherwise be insanely expensive back in their home country.

Of course this is just my opinion and I have no evidence to back this up except from what I've seen and experienced.