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So I installed my new (replacement for the one I screwed up) ZHP shift knob (not-illuminated, bummer)... I went through a bunch of ideas for attaching the boot where it would look nice, as opposed to just using zip-ties or going at it with electrical tape and inside-out zips. I tried milling and drilling a nylon washer, no joy, too much work, then it hit me!

Rubber grommet from Lowe's... It costs about $1.27. I don't remember which I used (I bought 2), I'm pretty sure I used the 1 1/8. It gives enough room for the leather/boot. Install it on the inside boot, get it down as far as you can (it'll stretch a bit, you may need help and a pair of needle-nose), then jam the ZHP knob on there, re-clip the boot, and push the boot down, looks good.

I would shy away from using a rubber mallet or anything more than you palm w/ a MF cloth. I wacked it and cracked my emblem (I've had nothing but bad luck with the shift knob mod)... Luckily I kept the emblem off my first ZHP knob and it was undamaged, just I finally got a bit lucky.

I'm bummed I couldn't work out getting the thing to light, but in the end it shifts much better with the ZHP knob and it looks pretty stock, I'm happy (to be done with it).