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I've owned a mazda, but it was long ago, they are very reliable cars. but I will not compare it side by side to a BMW. Sure it has alot of bells and whistles, but only to lure people, for you see, it worked on you, didnt it.

After the glory days has passed by, you have a car people wont even remember, thereby resale may not be a good, and see more of in cartrader magazine, or auction block.

Unlike BMW, w/c people can remember as the top performer of Oct06 Car and Driver Magazine, that you can always brag about. BMW resale is much better, plus you'll have a better classic car.

But of crse, the question here is not wether which one is better, but how much money you're willing to spend. Value wise you'll get more from a mazda, but its a Mazda.

BMW gives you more prestige.

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