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Originally Posted by DougLikesBMW View Post
"I definitely don't agree with the tradition (it's not even all that old) of buying the woman a diamond ring. It's like you're trying to "buy" her hand in marriage and you're showing that you believe she is of a greater value than you. That money would be better spent on the downpayment to the house or saving it for the children.

That being said, 99% of women would completely flip out if they didn't receive a diamond ring. They believe they are entitled to it.

And some of you wonder why so many women today think the world revolves around them!

- You chase women and ask them out.
- You pay for the date(s)
- You buy her a diamond engagement ring
- You propose to her with a diamond ring (basically saying I'm offering you myself plus the value of this ring along with everything else I will be obligated to purchase for you in the future if you'll agree to be my wife)"
But they have the pussy. And as we all know the pussy ain't free whether it be dinner, diamond rings, the car you drive or hookers! The pussy ain't free.