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Originally Posted by TB
Hello guys, I'm usually more of a reader of these threads than a writer, however just when I thought I've made up my mind about getting a 330I with Sport Package, I saw the new MazdaSpeed 6 which has 274 HP and its AWD and approx. $15 Cdn cheaper than a new 330I.

My question: Is this Mazda even worth looking at when considering price, reliability, and performance wise? I'm not sure how reliable the turbo charged engine would be when compared to the E90's inline 6.

If anyone has any thoughts on this it would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.
are you kidding me???..last thing i would ever expect Mazda VS Bmw
say something make a little sense,and i am getting sick of these people comparing these japanese crap to the bmws and audis.
mm S4 baby,,