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Originally Posted by Dice13 View Post
I am so fing pissed and needed to vent. I knew I was gonna need a Co signer, so I ask my aunt that's been at same job for twenty years. She has 740 score or so and makes over 80 plus k a year. I was told something like she has not had high credit or high auto loans WTF. IF SHE makes 80 k and no outstanding debt what gives. The last BMW I GOT I put in under my company and listed me and had a Co signer . If she was responsible by Co signing wtf is vthe deal. I was putting MSD 7. THEY WANT to give it to me under my name now with no Co signer, but at .00245 with msd. Now that messed me all up. The wanted pay stub that she worked for my company which . If I put it under my name and not company should aunt be any problem weather she had car loans or not or if she never had 50 K LOANS out. I appreciate any help on getting me into my dream car at a fairer price and better rate. Sry for my rambling but was sooooo close dealer was given deposit as this was a go knowing I was not changing my mind, Thanks Vic
There is a lot more to getting approved than score and income. If this is a substantially higher priced car than either of you have previously leased or financed then that's a red flag. Right now lenders are being extremely conservative with consumer financing, leases, etc.